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Industrial knives for timber & wood industry

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Industrial knives for the wood industryx

Wood is one of the oldest and most important raw materials in our world. We tailor our products according to customer specifications and their different requirements. If you are in problematic situations and have application questions, we will provide you with targeted, solution-oriented advice.

We offer: ✔ Circular Saw Blades for Pre-Cutting ✔ Circular Saw Blades for Profiling ✔ Edger Circular Saw Blades ✔ Cross Cutting Circular Saw Blades ✔ Accessories for Circular Saw Blades ✔ Segments/ Rings for Chipper Canter ✔ Knives for Chipper Canter ✔ Gang Saw Blades ✔ Accessories for Gang Saw Machinery ✔ Chipper and Counter Knives

In the timber and wood industry, there is a multitude of very different woodworking knives in usage.

Taking into account their diverse application, the mechanical properties required are very strict, such as considerable hardness, resistance to wear, tenacity, service life, and resistance to shock loads.

We supply hack knives, particle board and chipboard knives, veneer cutting knives, peeling knives, and similar.

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