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Industrial knives for plastic industry

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Industrial Knives for the Plastic Industryx

Carefully selected stainless steel grades form the basis for Krumar Knives shredding knives and systems. From tough, medium alloyed tool steel to durable, high percentage chromium steels to powder metallurgical high-speed steels and sintered carbides.

We offer: ✔ Circular Knives ✔ Winder ✔ Staple Fibre Cutting Knives ✔ Staple Fibre Blades

For the plastic industry, we supply granulator knives, pelletizing knives, and slitter knives.

The cutting tool is crucial in meeting the industry´s productivity and quality demands. Sharp knives that stay sharp longer produce the high quality required for virgin material blending accuracy.

And knives that stay sharp longer require less machine downtime for resharpening, increase cutting efficiency, and reduce cost.

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