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Industrial knives for graphic & printing industry

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Industrial knives for graphic and printing industryx

Krumar Knives & Blades offers various product groups for the graphic and printing industry.

We are always ready to meet your requirements for: optimized material quality, efficient lamella shapes, specific treatment procedures, innovative coatings, whilst developing, manufacturing, and delivering.

Graphic industryx

Krumar knives & blades Co. offers a large selection of guillotine and paper cutting blades. We also offer custom trimmer knives and blades for your unique specifications.

All of our guillotine blades and trimmer knives are made in compound execution with the edge of onlaid steels or tungsten carbide with the highest quality materials.

They are manufactured in modern facilities with some of the tightest process controls.

Printing industryx

Krumar Knives and Blades offers first-class doctor blades to optimize your printing productivity.

We offer a comprehensive product range in the field of thin-ground doctor blades, high-performance knives, and spare parts for the printing industry. Our company supports your process optimization for the best printing results and longer service life.

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Paper convertingx

We offer the highest quality slitting knives top, bottom, and core cutters available to help you with all of your slitting needs.

We produce these slitter knives under the tightest process controls, from many steel qualities to satisfy your slitting requirements meeting or exceeding O.E.M. specs on every slitting blade, core cutter and more so you can feel confident that your machine will continue to cut smoothly for years to come.

We assure you that these blades are made with the up-most commitment and attention to detail, using only the highest quality steel, these blades offer optimum performance when you need it.

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Krumar Knives & Blades Co. ltd. is a Croatian manufacturer of a variety of industrial knives and machine blades.

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