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Industrial knives for the food processing industry

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Industrial Knives for the Food Processing Industryx

Whether you’re cutting and grinding ingredients, fruits, and vegetables, or slicing fresh meat, fish, and other seafood into different portions, we got you covered!

For over 30 years Krumar Knives has been one of the leading manufacturers of food contact safe industrial knives and blades for any food processing application.

The most common blades we supply for the food processing industry: Potato knives, Cheese knives, Scraping knives, Packaging knives, Poultry cutting blades, Dicing blades, Skinner blades, Bowl choppers, Derinder blades, Meatgrinder inserts, Slicer blades, Slitter blades, Tooth knives, Perforator knives, Macerators, Spiral ham knives, Tenderizer knives, Hand knives

In manufacturing knives and blades for food processing, we are using the finest grade stainless steel, making our knives last longer which will in return increase your productivity and profitability, and minimize downtime.

All of our tools are precision manufactured using only the highest quality materials and most advanced technologies.

However, we know that not all food processing needs can be standardized, therefore we are always listening to our customers’ needs and we are offering customized solutions.

But rest assured, no matter what type of blade you’re using – circular knives, straight knives, propeller blades, or custom formed blades – Krumar Knives can make it.

If you still need help and consultations feel free to contact our team of experts so that we can help you and manufacture your blade, knife, or machine part exactly the way you want it!

Find the Right Product for the Food Processing Industry


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