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Circular Toothed Perforating Knives

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Knives detailsx

Name: Circular Toothed Perforating Knives
Dimensions: Custom (up to 320mm of outside diameter)
Materials: D2, D3, M-2,M42, Stainless Steel, Powder steel ASP 23, ASP 52; CPM10V, Solid Carbide
Configuration: Standard V, Vari Depth V, Hi/Lo V, Scalloped, Peg Style, Slant Tooth,Double Double Sharp
Special coating treatments: TiN, DLC, CrAl
Produced in:European Union (Croatia)

Toothed perforating knives overviewx

Krumar Knives and Blades established its reputation in many years of manufacturing Circular Perforating Toothed Industrial Blades and Knives to meet the needs of various industries.

Our perforating blades are manufactured from premium and high-quality alloy tool steels giving them the most cuts per blade which will in return increase your productivity and profitability, and minimize downtime.

With our highly experienced team and high-tech machines, we manufacture durable perforating blades – perforators and craft them to fit your exact specifications, building anything from a micro perforator to perforators with a 320 mm outside diameter.

We produce and supply a wide range of perforating knives with different tooth forms, for a wide array of cut types and for all kinds of use, regardless of its industry such as Straight & Cutoff Perforating Knives – the most commonly used blade styles for perforating chop or fly-through on the chosen material and Circular Perforating Knives that can roll over a variety of materials to make a cut or perforation.

If you are not sure which type of perforating knife is the best fit for your application you can contact us for help! Our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

Toothed šerforating knives applicationx

Some of the industries in which they are used:

• Paper
• Tissue
• Packaging
• Fish- Poultry
• Food processing
• Packaging
• Plastics
• Rubber
• Textile

Perforating knives materialsx

We use high-quality tool steels and stainless steels specifically selected for your industry, such as D2, D3, M-2,M42, Stainless Steel, Powder steel ASP 23, ASP 52; CPM10V, Solid Carbide.

Your perforating knives providerx

All of our blades undergo a strict quality control process before they are shipped so you will always receive the best quality blades. With Krumar Knives and Blades you can pre-order your blades and we can keep them in inventory ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice.

To ask for a specific size and dimensions for the perforating knives and blades and get a quote fill in the form below or visit the contact page.

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