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Circular Rotary Slitter Knives

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Knives detailsx

Name: Circular Rotary Slitter Knives
Dimensions: Custom (up to 500 mm Diameter)
Materials: High Carbon, 52100, D2 , D3 ,M-2,M42 , Stainless Steel, Powder steel ASP 23 , ASP 52 ; CPM10V ,Solid Carbide
Produced in: European Union (Croatia)
Beveled Configuration: Square Edge, Single Bevel Blunt, Single Bevel Sharp, Double Blunt, Double Sharp, Double Single Blunt, Double Single Sharp, Double Double Blunt, Double Double Sharp
Special coating treatments: TiN , DLC, CrAl

Circular slitter knives overviewx

Krumar Knives and Blades is well known for its reputation in manufacturing Circular Slitter Knives for various industries. With our highly experienced team and high-tech machines, we manufacture durable circular knives, made strictly by your request.

Our circular slitters are guaranteed to operate smoothly and accurately. In order to achieve that we manufacture circular slitters in both standard and custom styles to accommodate all types of machines and adhere to strict tolerance accuracies in the areas of concentricity and dimensional integrity.

If you are looking for a custom solution or can not find exactly what you need, our team of engineers will be happy to give you free consultations in order to determine the cutting characteristics, metallurgical composition, hardness, and blade geometry that will be a perfect fit your specific needs and applications. This process enables us to provide you with a long-lasting blade that guarantees superior edge quality.

Circular slitter knives typesx

We produce and supply a wide variety of high-quality circular knives and circular blades, with a wide range of tooth patterns like Beveled & Toothless circular knives and Toothed circular knives.

Beveled & toothless circular knivesx

Applications — cutting, trimming, slitting, slicing, perforating, scoring, and creasing.

We manufacture beveled circular knives customized to your specification or OEMs machines.

Toothed circular knivesx

Applications — cutting, trimming, slitting, slicing

We manufacture serrated edge and toothed circular knives with any tooth configuration. Toothed circular knives are known for their precision, quality, and dependability. We manufacture standard toothed circular knives or we customize them to your specification or OEMs machines.

Circular slitter knives applicationsx

Our circular knife range covers a wide variety of industries, such as:

• Paper,
• Cardboard,
• Packaging,
• Foil
• Poultry,
• Plastics,
• Tobacco
• Metals and foils,
• Rubber and Textiles
• Abrasives,
• Carpet,
• Food processing,

Typical uses of our industrial circular blades include:

Creasing — Circular blades are a perfect choice when creasing materials, from paper to cardboard products.

Cutting — Circular blades can cut foil, food, steel, film, and more.

Perforating — Circular blades can also be used to perforate a range of materials, from metal and plastic to paper and packaging.

Scoring — If you are looking for accuracy and dependability our circular blades are a perfect choice when processing stone, glass, concrete, or other tough materials.

Slicing — Circular knives are also a great choice in slicing applications for adhesives, nonwovens, metals, textiles, and more.

Slitting — Circular slitter knives provide material slitting for industries such as the textile, plastic, metal, and packaging industry.

Splitting — With our circular blade you can process leather, paper, foam, rubber, and more.

Trimming — You can use our circular knives to trim a wide range of textile fabrics, or leather, plastic, and metal.

Circular slitter knives materialsx

We use high-quality tool steels and stainless steels specifically selected for your industry, such as High Carbon, 52100, D2 , D3 ,M-2,M42 , Stainless Steel, Powder steel ASP 23 , ASP 52 ; CPM10V ,Solid Carbide.

We can offer circular knives up to 500 mm in diameter.

Your circular slitter knives providerx

All of our blades undergo a strict quality control process before they are shipped so you will always receive the best quality blades. With Krumar Knives and Blades you can pre-order your blades and we can keep them in inventory ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice.

To ask for a specific size and dimensions for our circular knives and blades, and get a quote fill in the form below or visit the contact page.

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